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Well this new thing is actually a test for coding a virus.

We are having some problems with a settings feature but we will be uploading the beta soon
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Well after the steam password hacker we are making a new version of the Msn Password Hacker.

It will have some new options, new design etc.
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Well a new Steam Hacker/Fake Log In is here!

It's available for download in the File Catalog.

If you want to see a video of it then check out
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Well we are right now working on a new faked steam login (works the same as the msn password hacker)

So we have a new design changed the coding a bit.

We only have the design of the settings page and the coding left.

Preview of the design (It might change a bit)

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Well the msn password hacker have a bit of problem with the loading page to the program hehe.....

the text is to big and you dont see all......

but here's the solution to this if someone asks you why that is!
 just say that there's something wrong with his/her computer so they cant see all the text...
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Now the new update to the Msn password hacker is out packed with a new program.

And the new program is a steam fake login of sort
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the new msn hacker update is delayed due to loss of time sorry guys but it will be relesed next week even if it's not fully done
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Well it just came to me why not make a steam fake login ?????

So im going to include a fake steam sign in for you guys to..
Views: 762 | Added by: Admin | Date: 05.16.2010 | Comments (2)

The new update will come soon it will be a available in the next week if not erlier.

We have been quite busy so that's why it took us so long time to fix an update...

There is not so many new things in it but i will tell you what's new sofar

• Remember Me Checkbox.

• New fixes in the install menu first time you open the program.

• Lisence And Agreement you can read when you install

• The webpage in the install menu now goes to

And hopefully there will be more.....
Views: 13740 | Added by: Admin | Date: 05.16.2010 | Comments (23)

When my mail got shutdown(dont know why XD) the password hacker stopped working but here's a small update to it so it wil work again thanks for your paitience.

The update/preview/fix is in the file catalog at the top


•Now A Little Transperent

•Fake Signed In Page

•Shutdonw Victims Computer

•New Unblocked Mail So It Works(Fix)

•Better And Cooler Icon

More To Come In The Full Version
Views: 886 | Added by: Admin | Date: 01.13.2010 | Comments (5)

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